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About Us

Helping You Reach Your Optimal Potential


Establised in 2006, J & S Fitness is a family-run fitness centre located in Holder's Hill, St. James, Barbados.


Our mission is to help you reach your optimal fitness potential by providing an extensive range of equipment and machinery complemented by dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly staff.  


Our vision is simple: " to create a healthier world".


Cardio Equipment 


J & S' cardio rooms are well equipped with a wide range of cardiovasculor machinery from Cybex including: Treadmills; Arc Trainers; Steppers; Stairmasters; Cyclones (upright & recumbent); and, rowers. All cardio equipment carry contact heart rate monitors and they are polar compatiable, allowing you to keep track of your heart rate and workout intensity.  


Weight Training Equipment 


J & S Fitness carries over 30 pieces of weight training equipment and machinery (we carry both stacked and plate-loaded machines) including, but not limited to: Smith-Machine; Leg Press; Leg Curl (lying and kneeling); Leg Extension; Lat Pulldown; Shoulder Press; Cable Crossover; Hack Squat; Squat Rack; Assisted Pull-up/Dip Machine; Seated Ab/Adductor Machine; and Seated and Standing Calf Machines. We also carry dumbells up to 150lbs.    


Fitness Classes


These are grouped, instructor led, classes with the overall goal of helping to keep you motivated, while providing variety to your gym workout routine.  Classes employ a "work-at-your-own-pace" dynamic as they cater to individuals with variouis fitness levels. See the "Classes" for a list of classes currently being offered.



Nutritional Consultations


J & S Fitness offers its active member FREE nutritional consulations during which a certified nutritionalist will provide you with some basic tips as to how you can enhance your dietary regiment to best supplement your workout goals. Detail meal plans are also available at an additonal cost. For more details  Contact Us.


Personal Training


You can arrange to have a one-on-one personal training session with one of our certified personal trainers.   Sessions will be built to meet your individuals fitness goal and typically approximately one hour long.   Specialized sessions can also be arrange in the areas of Cardio Kickboxing, Pilates and Yoga. For more details and pricing Contact Us.




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